Tabarca Island

Everyone who visits Alicante must visit Tabarka Island. The island can be reached by regular passenger ferries from Alicante or Santa Pola port for just €10 per person, and the return is free. Ferries run almost every hour during the high season, and a little less often during the winter. The length of the island is almost 2 kilometers, and the width is almost half a kilometer. The ancient city on the island has remained unchanged for many years. Small two-story houses along the miniature streets resemble an artificial city built by Hollywood for filming about antiquity. The small streets are full of cafes where you can try freshly caught seafood, fish or paella. The population of the island is less than 100, but they are very hospitable and spend most of their time welcoming and serving tourists. You can even stay overnight in the guest houses on the island. When you woke up in the morning, you felt an incredible sense of peace, when there is no sound around, only silence, serenity, peace and the hypnotic sound of the sea waves.
The oldtown on the island occupies a very small area and is located by the port. Unbelievable experiences await you while walking along the trails on the island. The island is a state protected area. Birds nest here, unique plants can be found here, the island is permeated with the wonderful scents of petals. On the island you can feel the wild nature, and on the rocky beaches you can experience incredible tranquillity. Of course, don’t forget your bathing suits, nothing forbids swimming here.

Santa Barbara Castle
Close to the airport