Pleasures of Costa Blanca

On the beaches, the sky blue coast awaits you all around year. In summer, the average water temperature on the beaches of the Alicante region reaches +26.2 degrees Celsius. In the coldest month of February, the water temperature drops to +15 degrees Celsius, almost as much as in the seas that wash Northern Europe in summer. So, you will often meet tourists swimming in the sea even in the winter months. The seabed is mostly very suitable for water activities, swimming, games, the beaches are shallow and sandy. The infrastructure of the beaches is very comfortably equipped, promenades stretch along the beaches, where there are many tourists, couples and families walking or playing sports.

On average, there are 352 days of sunshine and no rain per year. Good weather is guaranteed 96.4 percent of the time annually. It only rains for a few days in the winter or spring months. During the winter months, the temperature here is often the same as in the summer in Northern and Central Europe. Therefore, the Costa Blanca is a wonderful place for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of sun and sea, swimming in the pool, cycling, running, Nordic walking, tennis or any other active outdoor recreation all year round.

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